tuesdayaug1-84During your stay, experienced instructors lead the activities with the support of teachers. Instructional sessions are skills based, age appropriate and fun. Students rotate through chosen activities in small groups (8-12). Activities are selected based on the theme of the program desired. Many activities are used universally within each theme or based on each groups desire. ECOC ensures that all activities meet the standards set by the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) and guidelines outlined by OPHEA. We also have put together a chart outlining the specific curriculum links for many of our great camp activities. 

Outdoor Climbing Tower is an outdoor program that features 3 climbing faces. The first is a 40 ft climbing wall with 2 vertical runs, each with a varying degree of difficulty. The second is a multi-skilled climbing activity with 3 different climbing runs. Finally, the third is a multi-person team climb called the Giant’s Ladder, which requires teamwork and effective communication. 

Archery teaches students the use of a traditional recurve bow and arrows while shooting at static targets. Archery is an all-abilities all-ages activity utilizing fine motor control and abilities. 

Bouldering is an indoor horizontal climbing challenge wall. An opportunity for climbers to challenge themselves and each other in a safe lower to the ground climbing experience. Perfectly suited to younger grades and older students who want more of a group challenge.

Low Ropes/Initiative Tasks uses minor games and activities to have the students work together to perform various tasks. Features include a Whales Watch balance board,  a Spider Web, and a Queen’s Post tire challenge. A great all-ages activity to improve group dynamics and co-operation.tuesdayaug15-67

Firebuilding Skills teaches the elements of fire and how to keep it going. Primitive fire lighting methods (flint / steel and the bow drill technique can also be taught).

Orienteering uses a compass or GPS units to locate various targets on a course around the camp.

Kayaking includes basic safety instruction, proper techniques, as well as class games along the shore of Eagle Lake.

Canoeing includes basic canoe strokes and water safety to enable students to paddle their boat around the shallow bay.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) includes basic strokes, safe body position & balance, as well as water safety to enable students to paddle their board around the shallow bay.

Sports & Games includes a number of “traditional” sports like beach volleyball, ball hockey, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer.  These can be done as sessions or during recreational/free time.

Mountain Biking using our Giant 21-speed mountain bikes, students learn safety and handling before hitting our extensive kid friendly trail system.

Disc Golf is an all-abilities sport using simple discs to play a game similar to traditional golf. Come test yourself on our 9 hole par 36 course spread through the property.

Scavenger Hunt allows students to work in small teams of 2-3 to find all the natural items on the Scavenger Hunt list.

The following activities are usually done as an entire group:

The Survival Game is set in a designated forested area with several “food & water” stations (blue and red signs) mounted on trees. Students are divided into groups of Herbivores, Carnivores & Disease. After our staff explain the boundaries and rules of the game, students are “released” into the survival area. The students have a chance to model a living ecosystem, as they try to “survive” in the game.

Capture the Flag uses the entire main camp area or sand dunes for this large group game. Students are divided in half (2 large groups). Each side hides a flag in their territory.  Teams enter the opposing teams area to try and capture their flag without being tagged.

Campfires are are great way to finish a busy day at camp.  At night ECOC Staff prepare a campfire at one of our waterfront fire pits. Students enjoy a picturesque sunset, sing songs, and relax by the fire. We ask the students to help with the programming by preparing a short skit or song before arriving at camp, to present to the group.mondayjuly31aft-63