Trip Planning for Teachers

In order to provide the best experience for you and your students, there are a few key steps in preparing for your visit.

1. Contact ECOC with some key information (school name, group size, desired dates (with alternative dates) and program length.

2. Speak with school administration with respect to trip funding and School Board Policies. (Many boards are offering trip subsidy programs that cover portions, if not all of trip costs)

3. Review ECOC booking contract (Provided by ECOC after arranging dates & program).  Sign contract and send deposit.

4. Once dates are finalized arrange transportation with a local bus company.

5. Print and review all necessary trip planning documents.

6. Provide ECOC with Visitor Health Summary Information 2-3 weeks prior to arrival
(Necessary for food preparation and final activity scheduleing)

7. Contact ECOC at any time if there are any concerns or questions.

8. Confirm final attendance numbers the day prior to arrival.